Making Opportunity Knock

About the Book

Starting out? Starting Over? Retiring? Considering a life change?

For fresh insights, approaches and ideas, explore this first book in Jacobs’ Mining Your Resources series for inspiration and personal insight. This book is chockfull of ways to 1) make opportunity knock, 2) repackage or reinvent yourself, 3) believe that , yes, you can succeed-even with constant rejection or no support, and 4) recognize the various transformations possible in your life-long journey of self-discovery. Inspiring quotes are sprinkled throughout.

The book is divided into several sections. Chapters begin with compelling interviews featuring creativity academics and specialists, business people, and extraordinary personalities who candidly describe their accomplishments, any “failures” or obstacles they encountered along the way, inner resources they’ve developed or relied upon, considerations they’ve taken into account, and specific details of how they attained their successes.

Following the interviews, contributors generously share ten or more lessons learned, with examples and personal experiences. Chapters conclude with challenging exercises created to help readers explore and mine their specific resources. A section towards the back of the book is devoted to chapter-by-chapter questions and topics for readers’ self-reflection, and group discussion and debate.

Each chapter offers excellent material for in-depth discussions, deeper self-awareness and expanded creative-thinking for any class, study group or book club. The book can be used as an interactive course guidebook for facilitators to help others uncover/discover their infinite possibilities. *

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Chapter 1 – Michele Mele: Never Too Old to Follow Your Passion
Chapter 2 – Harry van Bommel: Personal Experiences = Opportunities
Chapter 3 – Karen Fraser: Making Opportunity Knock
Chapter 4 – Neil Doctorow: Perseverance
Chapter 5 – Marci Segal: Optimizing Your Creativity
Chapter 6 – Wendy Woods: Laughter. The “Ha-Ha” That Lead to “Ah-Ah!”

Between the Covers

• Family & work relationships • Education • Home schooling • Alcoholism • Parenting •     • Resumes     • Perceptions / misperceptions • Our “Wall of Fear” • Celebrating goals  • Defining/applying creativity • Strategies for success

About the Interviews:

[Nellie] researches all of her guests’ backgrounds and and prepares 110% for the interview. She gains rapport with her guests easily and brings the best out in the interview to share knowledge and success stories…”  Moira Sutton, Awakening Life Coach; Author; Speaker
Nellie…is unmatched with [her] insightful, prodding, curious questions and …ability to open up ordinary people who’ve had extraordinary experiences, for all of us to learn from.Kevin Loberg, Real Estate Broker, Inaugural Member Terrequity Council at Royal LePage Terrequity Reality
Nellie is an incredibly creative and innovative individual. I …was truly impressed with…her ability to synthesize the information into valuable lessons.Wendy Woods, (Chapter 6) MBA, CPCC, ACC; Leadership Coach and Trainer at Watershed Training and Solutions
…did a fabulous job. Our preliminary telephone interview put me completely at ease and made sure I was well prepared for the actual interview.Linda Aksomitis; Instructional Design at Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Nellie combines creativity, curiosity, professionalism, encouragement and decades of media experiences …  She is a great listener and, therefore, a great interviewer.Harry van Bommel, (Chapter 2) Leader in Education Training and Resource Development
“Nellie …is a Renaissance woman-artist, best-selling author, Internet whiz, broadcaster. She constantly invents fresh ways to mine her own creativity-and yours. A gifted facilitator, …also a relentless researcher and intuitive interviewer.” Sandy Naiman, Award-wining Journalist, College Instructor
“Nellie Jacobs [is] one of the most creative and talented people I know.” Joel Walker; Psychiatrist; Phototherapy Pioneer; Author/Photographer Portraits of the Human Spirit
“As she was speaking, I got an idea for a new story and had to write it down quickly before it disappeared…I’m always fascinated to find out people’s beginnings …and how creative people find (or don’t find) their place in the big, wide world.” Christina Senkiw, Children’s Author/Illustrator
“I enjoyed all the positive energy and good advice.” Elaine Clayton, Connecticut; Artist; Healing and Spiritual Arts; Reiki; and Psychic/Intuitive Readings
“Your talent for evoking the real creative messages from all our guests is second to none!!” Marci Segal, (Chapter 5) Canmore, Alberta, Canada; Lead Consultant at cLand2 Marci Segal Consulting; Founder World Creativity and Innovation Day, April 21, now recognized by the United Nations
“The metaphor of mining illuminated for me how we sometimes have to dig deep and work hard to find pure gold, precious gems or fuel for firing our imagination.” Julie Wratten, United Kingdom; Specialist Nurse/Coronary Heart Disease; Counsellor
“You have a wonderful way of getting information.” Colleen Baldrica, Past President, Minnesota School Counselors Association, Stillwater Human Rights Commission, Author Tree Spirited Woman
“I love the work you do around creativity.” Chris Dunmire, Chicago, Illinois; Creative Director, Publisher at Creativity Portal®; Author; Book Developer; e-Book Publisher at Creative Slush Playbooks
“Thank you for all the time, effort and love you put into preparing for my interview with you.” Sandy Offenheim; Children’s Singer/Songwriter; Author; Poet
“I spill my guts on this interview. Nellie Jacobs …interviews creative types and digs out their thought process. Very, very in depth.” Matthew Ferry, California, Turn-Around-Coach
“I love hearing the different ways in which the experiences of different people pertain to my life and how these great things people offer are things I can use in my life to make the world a better place! I have gotten a lot of inspiration from many of your guests as well as from your thoughts.” Jamie Staggs, Florida University Student