Rave Reviews

SunnySideUp2!-3Audience Reaction to SunnySideUp! Previews

“What a delightful afternoon! Congratulations on a job well done.” Susan Applebaum

“Nellie, your presentation makes us laugh and sigh and helps each of us to be and feel a little more courageous because you talk so honestly and openly about yourself and your michugas! It’s a treat to be in your presence!” Susan Brandes

 “Your presentation was an original, one of its kind, so authentic, hilarious and liberating. We were all captivated by your uninhibited delivery.” Tamara Koffler

 “Everyone really loved your show. It was a relaxed pace, well-spoken and quite hilarious. I particularly loved the stories about the feather and the Vaseline …Everyone I spoke to was so impressed.” Sandy Offenheim

 “I loved it. Thank you for sharing your stories.Sara Williams

As you wove the bits and pieces of your life experiences I went to places in my own mind that were happy and also trying. I love that you are able to find in the ridiculous and the craziness, the challenging, as well as the lovely parts of your real life a way to spin them into these wonderful stories.” Karen Fingrut

 “Lots of laughs, lots of fun, thanks for including me and good luck with expanding this into something bigger.” Susan Munk

 “Thanks so much for a great afternoon! Barbara with all your support and organizing, Nellie wonderful speaker and performer, you just got it ! … was really delightful!” Ettie Harris

 “I really enjoyed this afternoon. You are a great story teller and in touch with life!! Thanks.” Essie Sher

 “I enjoyed the afternoon hearing your deliciously funny anecdotes from SunnySideUp. Good luck on your new endeavour!!” Miriam Kertzman

 “Thank you Nellie, for the entertaining, enjoyable and thought-provoking stories. Your delivery was warm, humorous and relaxing. I wish you all the best in your future venture. I have started reading the book which you so kindly handed out and find it captivating. I have like you always been interested in ideas, thoughts and words.Vivien Cohen

“It is truly your forte to recount your endless stories with a twist of laughter and entertainment. I have been privy to one of your presentations and it left an indelible splotch of delight on my life. You have a uniqueness and intelligence embodied in humour that needs to be shared. I wish you all the success you deserve.” Merle Winston Torchin

 You are such a good story teller that I forgot my aches & pains for a few hours. Please send me your poem about fuckin dancing… Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon.” Lila Satok

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! NellieSondra Ezrin

 Thank you for a delightfully entertaining afternoon. It was easy to relate to all your stories Nellie. Some happy , some sad but all with a humorous slant. It is wonderful to see a glass as half full rather than half empty. Good luck. I even liked the sweater you made.” Kathy Rottmann

“I was truly entertained with your stories and of course being your neighbour for 41 years a few of them included us! …Good luck in all you do.” Cheryl Graff

 A great afternoon! Creative Nellie at her best – a natural!Bonnie Otto

 [Y]our stories weave common threads of our lives into tapestries of our common experiences as daughters, working mothers, wives, and …grandmothers. Your stories spark other stories. I loved the story behind your poem so much and could relate very easily to it. Thank you again for a wonderful, warm and enlightening afternoon.” Fran Cohen

 I’m still chuckling … I see you doing a ‘One woman show’ in intimate theatres.” Tamara Penn

 “I think you have a great idea and your positivity is amazing. You reach out and draw people in with ease and warmth.Laurie Manoim

 You are able to encourage people to “open up”, shares thoughts, stories and feelings and, even more importantly, encourage and enable them to connect with each other. The afternoon was light and light-hearted while still touching on some of the realities of life that are not always “light”. Keep doing what you are doing you bring joy, happiness and laughter to those around you — what could be better!!Lynn Catzman

Wonderful afternoon!Tanya Braun

 Just got back from your SunnySideUp performance and it was hilarious. I can’t believe how everyone laughed and enjoyed your life stories. You are so creative and should bring your talent to a wide audience… You are a natural born comedian and you write your own material. Congratulations.Lusette Shapson