You’ve got to find the funny. If you don’t find the funny, you’re doomed.”  Carrie Fisher

And that, my friends, is what this performance art is about. 

Welcome to …

 Nellie Jacobs Presents …SunnySideUP!

Want some laughs, stirring of insights, memories, terrific follow-up discussions with your group?

SunnySideUp themes

 Nellie Jacobs Presents …SunnySideUP!

A stand-up act that provides all this – and more…


Keep the conversations going with:


An inspiring gift book for each participant

 Nellie Jacobs Presents …SunnySideUP!

Adaptable as keynote or workshop for regular programming, fundraisers or special occasion celebrations.

Can be modified to suit your group’s framework, needs, and outcomes


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“Thank you Nellie, for the entertaining, enjoyable and thought-provoking stories. Your delivery was warm, humorous and relaxing. Vivien Cohen


 “Your presentation was an original, one of its kind, so authentic, hilarious and liberating. We were all captivated by your uninhibited delivery.” Tamara Koffler