Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How can a host/organization earn money?

Whether it’s a home party, a fundraiser, or a program for an organization, the host  or group shares a hefty percentage of the fees. The more the merrier!


2. For whom is this program suitable?

SunnySideUP! can appeal to ‘mature’ adults-from young moms to men with a good sense of humour. It can provoke stimulating discussions among generations.

3. Are these really true stories experienced by Nellie?

Absolutely! They can be verified.

4. What makes these stories special?

Nellie’s unusual “take” on events, positive attitude, and inspirational way of presenting. Read rave testimonials here.


5. What are some of the themes addressed?

  • Attitude • Creativity • Life Stages • Parenting • Aging • Friendships • Expectations • Inhibitions • Spontaneity • Dealing w Challenges, among others.

6. How long is the program? 

The stories can take about 1½ hours, followed by ½ hour of questions, discussions, and sharing of participants’ personal experiences.

However, the program is adaptable to a particular group’s time frame and needs. Nellie has collected plenty of stories for further performances.

7.  What is the fee?

* Contact Nellie for details of payment. (For bookings outside Toronto, possible expenses such as travel, food and accommodation allowance  to be discussed in advance.)

8. What does can fee include?

Fee currently includes:

  • SunnySideUp! adaptable 2 hour program, plus:
  • One copy per guest of either of Nellie’s two books meant to be enjoyed by individuals as well as groups in a 6-8 part series of study/discussion sessions:
  • 2 dessert recipes mentioned in the stories (which Nellie suggests will be served as part of the refreshments) emailed to any participants requesting them.

9. Is there a minimum or maximum audience size?

10 person minimum. No maximum.

10. Are you flexible with your fee?

Possibly. Just ask.

More questions? Just ask.To contact Nellie – with no obligation – about more information or booking SunnySideUp! or any of her other programs, click here.


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