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Nellie Jacobs

Creativity Consultant Nellie Jacobs has once again drawn upon her stage of life to create a unique initiative.

A best-selling author (Grading the Teacher: A Parent/Teacher Guide, published by Penguin Books Canada in 1996), award-winning artist, and kidney donor, Jacobs weaves some of her creative life experiences into a hilarious SunnySideUP! stand-up routine developed particularly with women over 50 and their shared experiences in mind. SunnySideUP! can also appeal to ‘mature’ adults-from young moms to men with a good sense of humour

Some of Nellie's Art & Books

Plucking true stories from her roles as wife, daughter, mom of four married adults and grandmother of eight, she incorporates such themes as  attitude, creativity, life stages, parenting, aging, and importance of supportive friends.  In a recent website blog post she describes how the concept of SunnySideUP! is in itself an ode to her friendship

sunnysideup photo3
Barbara Stein

with Barbara Stein who for years persisted in encouraging Jacobs to develop a meaningful presentation for women based on her quirky sense of humour re personal experiences.

“Before offering the stand-up to women’s groups and organizations,” says Jacobs, “we previewed it to unsuspecting test audiences of friends and acquaintances who had absolutely no idea what would unfold when accepting our invitation to an afternoon of refreshments and entertainment. Not only did they buy in, their laughter throughout and feedback after the unexpected ‘show’ was totally awesome!”


“Original, one of its kind, so authentic,  hilarious and liberating,” raved Tamara Koffler, retired consultant to the pharmaceutical industry. Psychotherapist Susan Brandes enthused,  “Your presentation makes us laugh and sigh and helps each of us to be and feel a little more courageous because you talk so honestly and openly about yourself and your michugas! It’s a treat to be in your presence!”

Some audience favourites: Stories about meeting a former boyfriend after 40 years; Aunt Kay and the feather; 2 year old’s escape from home; 89 year old Mom’s babysitting a dog, and many more…

Jacobs is no stranger to performing for an audience. She acted in high school plays, was an elementary teacher, co-created/hosted a live, phone-in interview TV show MAMMA Speaks Out, and presented a two-woman original skit about  “Engagement, Marriage and Motherhood” to live and TV studio audiences across Ontario.

(True story: When the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was searching for a host for its upcoming political program “The Journal”, Jacobs turned down a request to be interviewed for the position, which was subsequently filled by the late, great Barbara Frum…)

MAMMA Motherhood gets a network
MAMMA Speaks Out:  1970’s weekly live cable TV interview, phone-in show wo’manned by volunteers. Co-creators and hosts were sisters-in-law Nellie and Marlene Jacobs.

For decades, Nellie’s books, artwork and creative initiatives have been featured by media nationwide:

Media coverage-decades

GTT Media

Creativity-Nellie's Throughout the Decades
Throughout decades, Jacobs authored articles, hosted shows, created programs and has been featured on radio, television and Internet shows, and by magazines and newspapers locally, nationally, and internationally.


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